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The role of machines in the life of modern man has lessened physical fatigue and hard work besides spreading prosperity and affluence on a large scale. But the acceleration of economic activity and to provide for luxurious life has made human beings extremely busy due to which socialization decreased. At the same time, the progress and expansion of the business require frequent social contracts with those persons who are vital to the business.

As everyone in modern life is preoccupied with his business and job so frequent physical contracts are not possible. To make up for the deficiency of time, we need business cards to introduce ourselves and also our business enterprise, so here comes the wooden business card, which we can exchange during social interaction and short meetings.

These business cards are at the convenience of the recipient who can go through them when he has free time and to know about you and your business, not only that as long as the business card is with the recipient the details about your business as well as your particulars will remain in his memory.

So these business cards work as a communication link between you and your recipient. This source of contact and connection is used by businessmen, professionals, and politicians equally for maintaining relationships with those people either who are their supporters, clients, or business partners.

Till the recent past, business cards printed on papers or cards were commonly used. But now, to stand out prominent businessmen and professionals prefer to use wood business cards. It is an innovative style of introducing yourself and your profession or business to attract the attention of your client. If you arrange printing of catchy sentences on the card it will become a thing of great attraction.

Now, it is the need of the hour to procure wood business cards to stand out prominent among your competitors or colleagues in the profession.

The wood business cards will not only introduce you amply in a unique way but will represent your business activity efficiently. In the market, replete with your business rivals gives you an edge to be conspicuous with fair space to perform well.

Wood business cards are made in more than 50 types of wood and with about 5 different types of printers. Kiri wood, Cherry Wood, Mahogany Wood, Red Cedar Wood, Walnut Wood are the main types of wood used to manufacture real wood business cards. These woods have their own specialty and uniqueness for making the business cards. Birch Wood, Ceiba wood is the lightest in color and provides the texture feel. Cherry, Mahogany, Silky Oak are dark in color and look exuberant. These business cards give the impression of elegance and uniqueness. You can also get a custom wood business cards according to your requirement.

Wood business cards are very easy to print and you can arrange its printing at home. However, its large scale printing requires CNC laser machines and UV printers.

UV printing

Uv printing is mostly used to print on a large scale with color print. Uv printer is like ordinary printers. This printer is used to print on objects instead of paper, we can directly put wood or any other object in the printing slot and give commands to the printer to print a particular design

CNC laser machine printing

CNC laser machine used for engraving and cutting. We just give the design to the printing machine along with the command to engrave or cut according to design. The machine gives out very accurate results of laser engraved wood business cards and printing work looks pretty. It's the most common printing on the wood business cards

Acetone printing

Acetone is a chemical fluid that replicates the design on wood after applying to the printed sheet. A printed sheet is a paper with the client's design placed on the wood and then acetone acid is poured on it which embeds the design on the wood. It has instant results but the quality is not very good


Polycrylic is a glue type fluid that works like that of acetone but produces very impressive and clear results. However, it's processing takes more time than acetone printing and is not economical for large scale production

Gel Medium

Gel medium is almost similar to polycrylic and also gives similar results. It takes more time in processing than polycrylic but it's difficult to scratch it from the wood

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Some of the frequently asked questions are:

There are 5 ways to print a wood business cards

  • UV printing
  • CNC laser machine printing
  • Acetone printing
  • Polycrylic
  • UV printing
  • Gel Medium

Yes, you can print business cards at home, but the quality won’t be good. However, on a large scale production, you won’t be able to print the wood cards at home as it requires some good printing methods and machines.

UV printing machines and CNC laser machine printing are the machines used to print business cards.