The figured form of Anegre is used to create a high-end look in interiors. It has a light-to-medium creamy yellow natural colour and a dark reddish-brown heartwood. It has a soft texture and a slight natural shine. It is an excellent choice for fine furniture. It is also a durable hardwood that is resistant to termites, fungi, and other environmental conditions.

The heartwood of Anegre is a light yellowish-brown colour that tends to deepen to a golden brown with age. The sapwood, which is typically pale, is not well-defined. The grain is straight and interlocked, with no figure, but is occasionally curly or mottled. The end-grain is diffuse-porous and has radial multiples of two to four and is very tight. The rays are narrow and spaced normally. The sapwood is susceptible to a blue fungal stain during initial drying.

Anegre is a dense, African hardwood that grows to heights of 180 feet. Its trunk diameter is 36 to 48 inches. It weighs 35 pounds per cubic foot. Most experts recommend a T6-D2 kiln schedule for 4/4 stock and T3-D1 for 8/4 stock. Hand tools work well with the wood, but be careful not to use too sharp tools. The silicate content of Anegre wood may result in a dulled cutting surface. It's important to pre-drill nail joints.

Anegre Dark Wood is a valuable wood for architectural projects. Its beauty is a key feature, which makes it a popular choice for woodwork. Its dark colour provides a warm, rich look and reflects a designer's eye. It also has excellent moisture resistance. Anegre is commonly used in cabinetry, plywood, and general carpentry. It is available in board form for boat building and general carpentry and is also suitable for light construction and interior design.

Anegre Dark wood is durable and easy to work with. This hardwood is a great choice for furniture, as it allows for good joinery. It is highly suited for cabinetry and furniture applications. Anegre is a tropical hardwood, but it is also a popular choice for decorative architectural applications. Its heartwood is light and has a high-quality texture similar to maple. Anegre veneer is a popular option.