Anegre is a popular name for wood from West Africa, especially Ghana and Liberia. The trees are small and typically reach a height of 180 feet, with clear cylindrical boles. The sapwood is light pink to reddish-brown and does not have distinct demarcations. This makes it easy to work and finish in different ways. It is medium to coarse-textured with a straight grain.

Anegre light wood is widely used in furniture, interior work, and stairs. The wood is also used in brush and plywood manufacture. Anegre is a suitable substitute for walnut wood for high-quality interiors. Its shapely grain and high-quality grain make it an ideal choice for parquet floors and stairs. Although anegre is a popular hardwood, it has some drawbacks.

Anegre is a tropical species, found primarily in East and West Africa. It can be found in countries such as Angola, Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Tanzania. The heartwood of the wood is dark brown or red. Anigre is a light, soft, figured wood that is inexpensive and easy to work. It is commonly used for interior furniture and light construction.

Anegre has an air-dry density of 35 pcf and can be cut to a precise 1/16" in size. Dimensional lumber is made from Anegre solid hardwood. The sizes listed are available in standard sheets or can be customized for a larger or smaller order. If you're buying a large quantity of Anegre light wood, it will ship within 48 hours based on availability.

Anegre is a beautiful, versatile wood from West Africa. It's usually found as a veneer or sold on boards. It's easy to season and is inexpensive. Its rays are generally narrow and spaced close to each other. In addition to being attractive, anigre is durable. The wood is highly resistant to water and fungi, and it is a good choice for light construction projects.

Anigre is an easy wood to work with. However, the sapwood contains high amounts of silica, which can dull woodworking tools quickly. Anigre has a slight odour, which is similar to cedar. Anigre is a valuable material, but it has no real durability. Depending on where the wood was harvested, Anigre is best used for cabinetry and interior furniture.

Anegre is an important material for building projects. Its durability is excellent, and it resists damage from water and insects. In addition to being a valuable wood, it can be very durable. The durability of anigre is an advantage over some other materials, but if you're buying veneer for a special project, anigre is a better choice. In this way, it has a longer lifespan and is more affordable than cherry.

Anegre is a medium density wood. It is easy to glue. It can be used for primary and secondary wood. Anegre is a good choice for building. It is a light-weight choice for ceiling joists. Its strength is an important factor for cabinetry. If you use anegre, you'll have a high-quality product that will last. The colour is also an important consideration.

Olive Ash is not a specie but is a species. It is a veneer made from the dark heartwood of European ashes. The colour is rich, with varied colours. It may be straight or curly. It has an olive ash-coloured veneer. Its grain can be straight or curly. Its colouring is intense and can vary in its colours. The grains of Anegre Light Wood is irregular and wavy.