Avodire wood is an excellent choice for furniture, cabinets, and other products. The species grows in West Africa near lakes and streams. The tree has a clear, irregular canopy and a two to three foot trunk. The heartwood is a pale yellow or cream colour, while the sapwood is a similar colour. The grain is coarse, irregular, and straight, while the heartwood is highly porous. The pore structure is wavy and has small, open pores.

Avodire is moderately dense and hard. It is slightly softer than White Oak but has the same Janka hardness. It is easy to work, and it is suitable for both hand and machine tools. It is prone to tear-out during plane operations, though pre-drilling is recommended. Avodire is a relatively light-weight wood, which makes it a good choice for plywood and veneer applications.

Avodire has a distinctive grain pattern. Its grains can be straight or wavy, or irregular and interlocked. Avodire wood is also often rippled. Its figured appearance is beautiful and often sells for premium prices. Avodire can be easily spotted in a shop, and a craftsman can minimize the angle of the cutting machine to maximize the grain's display. Avodire is sensitive to light and requires UV treatment and cover.

Avodire is moderately priced and is available in a variety of grain patterns. Compared to another African lumbers, figured grain avodire is more expensive. In addition to its high stability, avodire is solid hardwood with a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. Nevertheless, this is not an ideal choice for furniture. If you want to find an excellent source of avodire, Valencia Lumber stocks 4/4 grade Avodire, but you can also order other grains by special order.

Avodire wood has good working qualities. Having interlocked grain, Avodire wood can be difficult to plane. It can blunt tool cutters. It is a durable hardwood. However, avodire is not an ideal choice for furniture making due to its poor finishing qualities. It can be a bit expensive, but it is still a great choice for many projects. Avodire is an excellent choice for veneers.

Avodire lumber is a great choice for veneering furniture. Its color is pale yellow and often shows a beautiful ray of gold. The species is kiln-dried and works well for furniture and cabinetry. Its lightweight and lustrous texture make it an ideal choice for cabinetry and furnishings. Avodire wood is also an ideal choice for plywood and other wood products.

Avodire wood is available in a variety of colors. The color is often a light cream or yellow, but the heartwood is often a golden or bronze color. The heartwood of avodire is fine, figured, and highly figured. It is used in fine joinery, cabinetry, and marquetry and has a good weight-to-hardness ratio. Avodire wood is also an excellent choice for sanding.

Avodire wood is an excellent choice for cabinetry. It has a strong fine-grained quality and a natural finish. The grain is typically quartered, but it can also be found with no figure. The grain is open and straight, and the wood is generally soft and supple. Its texture is fine, and ray flecks add character to it. The material is suited for architectural projects and fine furniture.

Avodire wood is an excellent choice for fine joinery. Its characteristics include a light color and a rounded grain. It is highly resistant to insecticides. It can be used for interior panelling, cabinetry, and furniture. Its texture is also excellent. It can be sanded easily and has a high lustre. Avodire is one of the best woods for furniture.

Avodire wood is soft and pliable. The specific gravity of the wood is 0.48 (oven dry weight/green volume). Its hardness is 1080 Janka, which is a standard for furniture and other products. It has low warping and is suitable for exterior uses. Although Avodire is soft, it can be durable, so it is a good choice for exterior furniture. This material is also suitable for outdoor projects.