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A variety of properties make Chen Chen a desirable timber for many applications. It responds well to sharp tools and readily accepts glues. Because it is slightly oily, it is rot-resistant and has excellent nailing properties. Its tight, two-toned grain pattern is similar to rosewoods. Although it is not hardwood, a good cutting edge is essential for a high-quality end product.

The colour is medium to dark and attractive. A chenchen veneer is a natural choice for accenting doors and panelling. This veneer is also known as 'blonde sapele'. Because of its light, ribbon-like appearance, a wide variety of designs can be made from this material. For example, a veneer made from this material would have a honeycomb appearance. But that's not all. In addition to its excellent grain, a Chen Chen veneer will have a subtle ribbon appearance.

Agarwood wood is an enticing, fragrant wood from the agarwood tree. It is native to the forests of Africa and is used in many traditional cultures for incense and medicine. Its characteristics make it a popular material for furniture and other household items. In Ghana, the wood is also called 'Chen Chen'. In addition to its beautiful grain, agarwood is also an excellent choice for woodturning.

The wood of a cane tree is soft and lightweight and has a coarse texture and interlocked grain. It is typically harvested by hand. The resulting wood is often called 'black poisonwood' by local loggers because it has a latex content. It is safe to work with, but the sap is toxic and can cause irritation if ingested. To protect the environment, reconstituted wood is an excellent choice for fine furniture.

The wood of a mulberry tree is yellowish to white. Its branchlets are covered with short grey hairs. When ripe, the fruit splits in two, leaving a single seed in the air. Despite the low cost, it is very difficult to find a quality mulberry. However, it is a wonderful option for many applications. Its beautiful appearance makes it a unique choice.

Janka's side hardness of a Chen wood is 380 lb for green and 500 lb for dry material. Amsler toughness is 50 in.-lb for dry material. The lumber ages rapidly and tends to warp. It is recommended for a T2-D4 or T2-D3 kiln schedule and has small movement in service. It is very easy to dress and works well with sharp cutters.

Chen Chen