The etimoe wood has several qualities that make it a good choice for furniture. It is commonly found in tropical rain forests in Africa and is known for its hardness, strength, and resilience. Although it does not have high tensile strength or crush resistance, it does have a medium bending strength and good stiffness. It is resistant to shock loads and is relatively easy to work. If you're looking for a wood veneer that looks unique, etimoe is probably right for you.

The heartwood of Etimoe wood has a beautiful reddish colour and is very soft. The sapwood is a pale yellow colour and has a fiddle back or curly grain pattern. The end-grain is diffuse-porous and has large pores that do not have a specific arrangement. It is a very durable wood, but it is often used for decorative purposes. The Quarter Cut veneer of Etimoe is a great choice for interior decoration and high-quality furniture. It can be easily finished with oil, varnish, or glue.

Unlike other wood veneers, Etimoe Wood is very easy to work with. Its natural oils and resin make it very durable. This wood is also very light-weight. Its flat cut is the best option for lamination. There are a few types of veneer sheets available, and they come in different sizes and grain directions. All are made with a paper backer that helps the veneer stay together.

While etimoA(c) lumber is hard and heavy, it is beautiful when finished. Its rich red colour is accentuated by a beautiful metallic sheen. Besides being a great choice for the architectural woodworking, etimoA(c) also lends itself to beautiful furniture and fine boat building. So if you're looking for a beautiful piece of wood, you can't go wrong with etimoA.

The colours of Etimoe Wood are naturally rich in colour. When the veneer is wet, the grain will be visible. It will take a few days for the wood to dry completely. In contrast, it will take about three weeks to dry. It is not possible to determine the exact colour of the veneer before it has been finished. In addition, the pictures of Etimoe are of the finished product.