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Eucalyptus Fumed


Eucalyptus fumed wood has an intense dark colour and is used for furniture and other decorative items. It is produced by burning natural eucalyptus into a veneer. The process is an age-old one, which produces a dark honey brown to black colour. The process is carried out in a modified kiln dryer. It can be found in many plantations in Spain and Portugal.

Wood is a good choice for interior and exterior applications. The warm tones of this species give a rich, warm appearance to any home. It is also durable and long-lasting. This type of wood is primarily found in tropical climates but is used as an alternative to traditional hardwoods. The warmth and beauty of this type of wood are unmatched by any other type. This wood is an excellent choice for furniture and other decorative pieces.

The benefits of using Eucalyptus wood include its sustainability. It does not produce a lot of pollution and is a better choice than slow-growing trees, like pine. In addition, the eucalyptus tree can reach a height of 200 feet and is known for its oil excretion. It also yields wood that is more durable than pressure-treated pine.

Eucalyptus Fumed