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Larch Fumed wood is a type of veneer. It is made by passing natural larch through an ammonia kiln. This process gives the wood a richer, darker colour and more 3D appearance. This particular type of veneer also dries more slowly than natural wood and is more resistant to fading after prolonged exposure to the sun. It can be used in various applications, including interior and exterior trim, doors, and fine furniture.

Larch is a deciduous conifer that drops its leaves in autumn. The species is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere, including the western United States and much of Europe. It has been cross-bred with other larches from Asia and the European continent to create a hybrid. This variety is considered to be one of the best choices for many woodworking projects. This type of wood is particularly suitable for large scale projects, as it is both harder and more flexible than most conifers.

Larch veneers have similar characteristics to Douglas Fir, so they are often sold in mixes with Douglas Fir veneer. The reason for this is that they are both popular choices for interior and exterior trim. Additionally, Larch is more durable than other types of wood. The quality of the wood is an important feature of Larch. The colour is rich and uniform throughout. The wood is very consistent throughout, and the grain is straight.

Larch's heartwood is yellow to medium reddish-brown. The sapwood is nearly white. There are plenty of knots, but the wood is very easy to work with. The wood is moderately resistant to decay, and it has a medium-textured, slightly greasy feel. However, natural resins in the wood can gum up saw blades. In addition, sanding can leave uneven surfaces and dips.

Larch Fumed