Macore Brown wood is an attractive choice for woodworking projects. It is easy to work and has good natural luster. However, it can be susceptible to tearout during machining operations. Sections of Macore may be interlocked, which can result in tearout. As makore is highly resistant to worm infestation and decay, it is often sold as figured Macore veneer. It is also durable and insect resistant, making it an excellent choice for furniture and cabinetry.

Macore wood is a beautiful deep red or pinkish brown color. It is usually accompanied by occasional light silica inclusions. It is characterized by a medium to fine texture with tight pores. It is lustrous and accepts stains well. Typically, makore is finished with a clear coat for durability. It is available in block and high figured finishes and is suitable for a variety of applications, from cabinetry and plywood to flooring and musical instruments. WiseWood offers makore veneer in a wide range of sizes and a variety of backer options.

Macore Brown wood has a light brown colour and is suitable for all applications. Its fine texture and intricate grain make it an attractive and durable choice for furniture and cabinetry. Macore Brown wood is typically prefinished with hard-wax oil, which seals the timber and preserves its natural beauty. The finish has low VOC, celebrates the natural grain and can be repaired. If you decide to buy Macore, make sure to look for one that is prefinished with a quality hard-wax oil.