Movengui is a yellow to orange-brown ash with a figured grain pattern. It responds well to steam bending and can show straight, interlocked, or wavy grain patterns. It has a high degree of water absorption, which helps make veneers. This tropical hardwood has moderate rot resistance. It is commonly used for exterior joinery. However, it is not recommended for use in kitchens and laundry.

The Movingui tree grows in the equatorial forests of Africa. The species is known as Nigerian Satinwood and Ayan wood. It has dense and hardwood, which makes it useful in furniture, flooring, and accent applications. Its colour and texture can vary from bright yellow to orange-brown, depending on the source. The dense, quartersawn wood can tear and char during planing or drilling.

This wood is difficult to identify, but it is widely available in wood shops. It is usually sold as "satinwood" and is difficult to distinguish. Often, the quality of this exotic hardwood is similar to that of oak, but it can be difficult to tell one species from another. Despite its high price, Movingui is a great choice for veneering. But when you're looking for a different wood species, movingui may be a perfect choice.

The texture of Movingui wood is even and has an attractive Islamic lustre. It is easy to work with and has moderate rot resistance. Because of this, it is typically priced in the mid-to-high range of imported hardwoods. It's highly durable and is a wise investment. It's not hard to find quality lumber made of this wood. Just remember to look for the right source. If you're looking for tropical hardwood, it's best to buy from a reputable supplier.

The beauty of Movingui wood is its unique texture and unique grain pattern. Its bright hue has made it a popular material in a variety of industries. It's also known as African satinwood and is commonly used in the United States. In addition to being beautiful, it is durable and termite-proof. Its striking figure and irregular grain patterns make it ideal for furniture, stair work, and cabinetry.

The sapwood of Movingui is a pale yellow to a golden brown. The heartwood is dark brown. The sapwood is yellowish. It's resistant to termites and decay and has a medium-grade texture. When used for flooring, the heartwood of the Movingui is moderately resistant to termite attack. The twigs can also be used as chewing sticks. The root can also be used to produce a yellow dye.

In addition to its beauty, Movingui wood is also easy to work. While it can be used for furniture and flooring, it may be too hard to work with. The wood has high silica content, which can result in blunting and tear-prone surfaces. As a result, it is recommended to pre-bore the movingui wood before gluing. When using the wood for furniture and cabinets, it is also best to avoid it in the cladding.

Although it's an exotic species of a tropical tree, movingui wood is a versatile wood with a unique grain pattern. In addition to its distinctive color, it also comes in a wide range of other forms. It is often available as veneers, solid lumber, and dimensional lumber. This tropical hardwood is not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, making it a great choice for interiors and exteriors alike.

This tropical hardwood is a good choice for interior and exterior joinery. Its vibrant grain patterns and good resistance to termite and rot make it a popular choice for flooring. The wood can be used for both fine and architectural purposes. Aside from furniture, Movingui wood is also used for other types of woodwork, including rotary-cut logs and plywood. It is a beautiful and durable wood for exterior joinery and ship fittings.

The heartwood of movingui is lemon- to golden-brown. It is highly decorative and lustrous, sometimes called satinwood, and can be used for cabinetry. Among its other uses, it is also used for decorative items and collectables. It should not be painted, though. This wood does not degrade quickly, making it an excellent choice for furniture and panelling. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your room, you can choose a piece of figured Movingui veneer for your interior.