Okoume is a tonewood found in equatorial West Africa. Its heartwood is pinkish-brown or red, and its grain is straight or slightly wavy. Although it is not the most durable wood, it is still a popular material for musical instruments. The colour and texture of Okoume heartwood vary depending on the species and cut, and it is suitable for most applications. Its density is high and it can be easily worked, making it a great choice for boat building.

The high silica content of Okoume makes it perfect for exterior applications, as it is fully protected. However, it is often softer and can cause blunt tools. While this quality can be useful in some instances, it is not recommended for use in exterior constructions. Generally speaking, Okoume wood is more suited for interior use. Nonetheless, it is widely used in plywood and sawn timber in Southern Europe.

The hardwood tree Okoume is native to Western Africa. It is hard and dense, making it ideal for marine applications. Its colours are naturally stunning, and it is used for guitars and musical instruments. The bark of the Okoume tree is also used for treating gastrointestinal ailments, including diarrhoea. Its natural strength and density make it a popular material for boat exteriors. In addition to its use in furniture, Okoume is an excellent choice for the veneer.

Okoume is a valuable wood for marine construction. It is available in various sizes and can be used to build boats. Its quality is high enough to rival that of carbon fibre. It is often varnished for a decorative look. Unlike mahogany, it can be shaped, drilled, or glued to produce the final product. But this doesn't make it a desirable choice for boatbuilding.

The best quality Okoume plywood has a smooth texture and large pores, which make it a desirable material for boats. Its beauty and durability make it an excellent option for cabinetmaking. In addition to being a beautiful wood, it can be very strong and durable. So, the quality of Okoume plywood is very important for boatbuilding projects. Aside from being lightweight, it is also good for boat refacing.

The colour of Okoume wood is rich and warm, and it is very durable. It can be made into plywood in a wide variety of thicknesses and is ideal for boatbuilding. Because of its low density, it is often used in furniture making, while being rarer in Gabon. A well-made Okoume wood kayak is made of a quality piece of plywood. A quality wooden kayak will last for decades.

Okoume is only available in Gabon's Precious Woods forests, which is the only place where the species grows. Its diameter is around 200 cm, and the log quality is excellent for making veneer and sawn wood. The sapwood of Okoume is pale grey while the heartwood is light pink. Its texture is medium, and the colour is not very dark. When compared to mahogany, the colour of Okoume is lighter than mahogany.

Okoume plywood is known for its water resistance. Nevertheless, it is also a good choice for many other uses. Its uniform texture and straight structure make it an ideal material for boats. It is also easy to work with and is relatively resistant to rot and mildew. It is often used in music and other fields and is a popular choice for boat builders. Its superior water resistance makes it a good choice for yachts.

Okoume is a high-quality product available in 2 sided marine grade plywood. The plywood is soft and doesn't require pressure-treating. The core of the panel can be pine, poplar, or hardwood. Its weight is about 25 pounds per cubic foot and is perfect for boats. It is also lighter than fir wood, making it more suitable for boat construction. This is why it is so popular for boat building.

Okoume is an exotic wood from Japan. It has many uses, but the main one is as a body wood for acoustic guitars. It is softwood and is a great choice for fine woodworking. It also has a unique lustre and is ideal for fine woodworking. You'll find it hard to bend and fill in a lot of applications.