A tree species native to the Philippines, paldao is one of the best options for furniture. This beautiful wood grows naturally in the East Indies and Indochina. It is one of the three most important exports of the country, along with mahoganies. This hardwood is harvested for its veneer, which is used in fine furniture. It has irregular, straight, or interlocked graining and has a neutral, sweet taste.

As its name suggests, this wood is commonly used in veneer. This hardwood is sourced from the rainforests of South-East Asia and the Pacific Rim. Trees in this region can reach up to 40 feet in height and are supported by massive buttressing root systems. The distinctive stripes on the wood make it ideal for furniture and cabinetry. This exotic wood has no known health risks and is a moderately priced, imported wood.

Australian walnut is a good substitute for Paldao wood. It has the same characteristics as the Australian walnut is much higher quality wood. This material is good for fine furniture and architectural woodwork. However, it is generally a quarter cut. For these reasons, Australian walnut is often the most popular choice for fine furniture. The difference between the two hardwoods is minimal. Nevertheless, this wood is also an excellent choice for furniture.