Tineo is a prized tropical hardwood from South America that has beautiful and unique colors. Its heartwood has decorative black veins and is straight-grained with a fine to medium texture. This wood is highly durable and can be easily carved. Because of its beauty, many designers choose it for furniture. Its unique properties make it the perfect material for fine-quality, unique pieces. It is also very easy to work and has a beautiful natural luster.

The color of Tineo wood is a rich pink with black streaks, which makes it ideal for high-profile and unusual panel projects. Although it is a rare wood, it is widely available in veneer sheets and short lumber. Since it is not listed on the Appendices of CITES, Tineo is a sustainable, non-toxic alternative to other types of wood. The striking veins and colors of this exotic material make it a desirable choice for fine furniture.

A variety of species of this wood are available. A few species stand out for their decorative qualities and character, which make them ideal for personalized interior design. American Elm, one of the largest hardwoods in the eastern United States, has a wide, open grain with alternating light brown and yellow tones. The American Elm also has a distinctive ribboned texture with a light yellow-green accent. The Black Limba and Olive Ash are both high-quality hardwoods with dark lines.