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Walnut, Satin


Walnut satin veneer wood has a rich, distinctive texture that sets it apart from real wood. While most people consider natural trunk wood to be real, the walnut veneer is more reliable and has a fancier look than its counterpart. This wood is ideal for decorative woodworking because it can produce sleek, stylish pieces. It can be used alone or laminated with other types of veneer to produce a textured, glossy finish. This article will explain how to choose the right type of walnut for your project.

This tropical wood is incredibly popular as a decorative panel material. The heartwood of the tree is brown, red, or black, and is suitable for various interior design applications. Its different-colored veneers add a formal, elegant look to decoration panels. Many people have myths about walnut veneer's durability, but these are unfounded. It is one of the hardest woods on earth, with a density of 560 kilograms per cubic meter.

Walnut, Satin